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ANR Jeunes Chercheurs (edition 2013)

Realization and Perception of French R 

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The project REPER has been granted the ANR funding for human sciences, language and communication in 2013. The project duration is expected to be 42 months (october 2013 - march 2017)

Coordinator : Cédric Gendrot, Assistant professor at the University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3 and member of the Laboratory of Phonetics and Phonology (CNRS-UMR7018)

Disciplines  : Linguistics, phonetics, phonology, physiology, psycholinguistics
Keywords : speech production, acoustics, large corpora, perception, articulatory data

hosting authority  : University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3, Institut de Linguistique et Phonétique Générales Appliquées (I.L.P.G.A.)
Accounting authority : University Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3

dernière mise à jour : septembre 2013